Breaking new grounds in the golf industry, European Golf Tech is delighted to announce a groundbreaking four-year agreement with Chevin Golf Club. This collaboration is set to infuse the club with next-gen golf technology, bolstering its market presence, enticing new memberships and visitations, and ushering in a host of corporate partnerships.

The avant-garde technology solutions from European Golf Tech are destined to redefine the golfing landscape at Chevin Golf Club, creating a lucrative nexus for corporate engagements. The ensuing corporate partnerships are anticipated to significantly augment the club’s revenue, thereby elevating the stature of this distinguished venue.

This partnership symbolises a significant stride towards harmonising tradition with modernity at Chevin Golf Club, ensuring a futuristic golfing experience amidst a historic setting. By enticing a new cadre of members and visitors, it is set to significantly escalate the club’s profile and revenue channels.
European Golf Tech’s Jason Smith, conveyed great optimism regarding the venture. “Our alliance with Chevin Golf Club marks a pivotal chapter in delivering technologically advanced golfing solutions. Together, we envisage a thriving golf community enriched by modern technology.”

Meanwhile, Andy Mellor, General Manager at Chevin Golf Club, shared the enthusiasm. “The technology suite from European Golf Tech is poised to be a catalyst for growth and innovation at our club. This partnership is a testament to our commitment towards offering a modern, unparalleled golfing environment.”

The alignment with European Golf Tech accentuates Chevin Golf Club’s progressive approach, ensuring its position as a leading golfing venue while substantially augmenting its financial robustness through attracting beneficial corporate partnerships.

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About European Golf Tech:
European Golf Tech stands at the vanguard of delivering groundbreaking golf technology solutions, seamlessly integrating modern tech with traditional golfing venues to foster a futuristic golfing ecosystem.

About Chevin Golf Club:
Chevin Golf Club, nestled in the picturesque landscapes of the Amber Valley, is a revered establishment with a rich golfing heritage. The club is synonymous with offering a sublime golfing retreat, fostering a blend of traditional ethos with modern golfing amenities.