Pro Score Lite

About Pro Score Lite

Pro Score Lite by EGT is a flexible self-manned leaderboard system built to suit any golf event. The EGT Hybrid flyovers, any club information can also be integrated too.

Our scoring system is an online platform which once set up can link to any one of our other digital screen products. Or if you would prefer can simply be used as an online leaderboard.

As the players from your golf event complete their round your professional team can begin to input their scores. The leaderboard will automatically populate and is easily displayed wherever you choose.  Like the Pro Score system, Pro Score Lite can be hired out to visiting parties offering a new revenue stream for your club.

Wi/Fi enabled

Displays live daily leader board

Displays live event leader board (can be branded)

Club events/news information

Course Flyovers

App download information

Plus many more great features

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