European Golf Tech Signs Milestone Four-Year Agreement with the Historic Ross-on-Wye Golf Club
06th October 2023, the leading purveyor of golf technology solutions, is thrilled to announce a significant four-year partnership with the Ross-on-Wye Golf Club, a venue steeped in tradition and history since 1903.

This symbiotic alliance is set to elevate the golf club’s stature by integrating state-of-the-art technology to enhance the venue’s marketability, attract a fresh wave of members and visitors, and forge new corporate partnerships.

The innovative technology provided by European Golf Tech will not only revolutionise the golfing experience at Ross-on-Wye but also create a magnet for corporate partners. These partners, in turn, are projected to contribute substantially to the club’s revenue, accentuating Ross-on-Wye Golf Club as a premier golfing destination.

This collaboration heralds a new era of golfing excellence for the Ross-on-Wye Golf Club, intertwining modern technology with the club’s rich historical tapestry. The infusion of cutting-edge tech solutions will serve as a catalyst in drawing new memberships and visitors, thereby significantly amplifying the club’s prestige and revenue streams.

European Golf Tech’s, Jason Smith, expressed immense enthusiasm about the partnership. “We are honoured to align with the esteemed Ross-on-Wye Golf Club. This collaboration underscores our shared vision of marrying tradition with innovation to provide an unparalleled golfing experience.” On the flip side, Tim Hall Director of Golf at Ross-on-Wye Golf Club, echoed similar sentiments. “European Golf Tech’s bespoke technology solutions are a game-changer. We are excited about the prospects this partnership holds for our club, members, and the broader golfing community.”

The alliance with European Golf Tech is a testimony to Ross-on-Wye Golf Club’s forward-thinking ethos, ensuring the club remains a forerunner in offering a sublime golfing experience, while also bolstering its financial solidity through attracting lucrative corporate partnerships.

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About European Golf Tech:
European Golf Tech is a frontrunner in providing avant-garde golf technology solutions that transcend the conventional golfing experience. Their tech-savvy approach is pivotal in propelling golf venues into a future filled with boundless possibilities.

About Ross-on-Wye Golf Club:
Rooted in a rich history dating back to 1903, the Ross-on-Wye Golf Club is a bastion of golfing tradition nestled in the heart of Herefordshire. The club epitomises a seamless blend of historical charm and modern golfing excellence, providing an idyllic golfing haven for enthusiasts and professionals alike.