John Stubbs, Operations Director at Tadmarton Heath Golf Club, Praises EGT’s Digital Screen Innovation

Tadmarton, UK – February 15, 2024 – John Stubbs, Operations Director at Tadmarton Heath Golf Club, has expressed high praise for the innovative digital screen technology provided by European Golf Tours (EGT), one of the club’s esteemed partners. Stubbs’ testimonial underscores the impact of EGT’s cutting-edge solutions in enhancing the club’s operations and member experience.

EGT’s digital screens, strategically placed across Tadmarton Heath Golf Club’s facilities, have revolutionised communication and engagement within the club community. From displaying real-time tournament updates to promoting club events and sponsors, the dynamic content delivered through these screens has proven invaluable in keeping members informed and involved.

“As Operations Director, I have witnessed firsthand the positive influence of EGT’s digital screen technology on our club,” said John Stubbs. “The versatility and effectiveness of these screens in conveying important information and enhancing the overall atmosphere of our facilities are truly remarkable. EGT’s commitment to innovation has undoubtedly contributed to the success of Tadmarton Heath Golf Club.”

The partnership between Tadmarton Heath Golf Club and EGT exemplifies a shared dedication to leveraging technology to enrich the golfing experience. By integrating EGT’s digital screen solutions, the club has not only enhanced communication but also elevated its status as a modern and forward-thinking venue.