PGA Pro Features & Benefits

Interactive Golf Venue App

Help improve the flow of rounds on your course with real time pace of play data
Integrated course visualisations of each hole GPS enabled with live distances to the pin with fairway and green graphics
Integrated live scoring feature linking directly with the EGT Pro Vision and Pro Capture platforms.
Competition live scoring for private events – Pin locked bespoke live scoring login for private competitions and events.

The App has been designed with one thing in mind, improving the all-round experience of a golfer, be it a member or visitor, when they are out on your course. With numerous features continuing to be relevant to the golfer once they leave your course the app will become an integral part of your golfing experience.

From green management tools and course health check technology to live scoring, GPS, hybrid flyovers and much more the app is a must have tool for any forward thinking golf club striving to keep pace with modern technology.


  • Improve knowledge of your client’s games with shot tracking, pace of play, and live scoring data.
  • Communicate news, updates, tee times etc with clients via the app
  • Improve your client’s user experience
  • Add value to their lessons by using integrated stats to help with feedback and lesson structure
  • Data capture via the app can be used for marketing or client engagement
  • Full history of your clients playing history with all shot data recorded.

Live Leaderboard

While live competition scoring undoubtedly enhances any golf event, a number of factors can be prohibitive. Cost for example can put a club off as can the labour intensive set up time.

The App eliminates all of these types of issue. Once a golf day is booked in simply send a link to all your participants along with their unique login, and that’s it!

Each individual score will automatically populate a live leader board within the app and digital screen.


  • App enables the golfer to score on their own device out on the course. This can link to a screen in the proshop, or simply on your phone.
  • You can invite friends to create a private group. Simply send the players a link to download your app, along with a unique code and they are ready to go.
  • One golfer can score for all players
  • Daily and ongoing score updates allow you to keep a track of playing history for the full season.
  • Part of a society? Add your society to the app and track season long competition history as well individual competitions.
  • Linked to our GPS app so you can track player statistics such as longest drive and nearest to the pin.

Pro Vision Displays

The ProVision screen by EGT is one of the most exciting developments in the golf market today. Imagine a huge portable Wi-Fi enabled digital screen functional in your clubhouse, but also data enabled meaning it is functional out on your course! A screen capable of displaying the EGT live leaderboard system, the EGT digital flyovers, any club information you wish to send directly to the screen wherever it is, from wherever you are. Welcome to Pro Vision by EGT.

Displays live leaderboard in clubhouse or pro shop
Branded for corp/society events – can offer this white label as a branding opportunity for club partners or corporate events.
A tool to display club flyover
Displays live news, sports, and weather


  • Use the ProVision screens to showcase tutorial videos, share updates and promote shop products

Pro Capture Displays

This free-standing interactive screen can either be floor or tabletop mounted and boasts many features which are designed to improve the member and visitor experience at your venue. It can be used as a digital sign-in point, giving you the ability to capture the data of every golfer passing through your venue. In a new age of strict data protection laws the Pro Capture platform is a must have means of collecting GDPR compliant, opted in data directly from your target market.

Visitor digital sign in
Displays live leader board
Tee booking
Data capture forms


  • Data capture provides a database to engage, promote and communicate with potential/existing clients.
  • Use the ProCapture screens to showcase tutorial videos – e.g a ProCapture screen in the driving bays, each with a catalogue of videos containing practice drills.
  • Promote your services or products via the ProCapture screen
  • Register/tee booking platforms – helping to save time and improve visitor experience on arrival. Allows you to spend more time teaching/with clients
  • Encourages/Increases repeat bookings and promotes other services
  • Provide a timetable for tee times and/or lessons – helps with communication, client experience

Hybrid Flyovers

Once we have surveyed your course you have the option to commission a market leading digital flyover. The accuracy of the survey transfers seamlessly into our course flyovers.

A must have tool to enhance your online presence and capture the imagination of any golfers visiting your website.

Show green detail
Show shot lines and club prefences
Displays hole and feature distances
Pro voice over tips to guide players on the hole


  • Used as a tool to help clients with course management. E.g. talking them through each hole and how it is best played.
  • Increased number of visitor bookings generated from the flyover promotion allows for a larger target audience and provides an opportunity to market your services.

Marketing Support

  • 1:1 consultancy
  • Sales and Marketing Technology
  • Sales and Marketing Strategies
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Creative design and development
  • Event management
  • Design for logo, social media artwork, marketing material designs
  • Engage with members of your club- promoting services through our platforms
  • Promote your services to visitors – promote services through our platforms
  • Improved service allows you to increase mark-up and profit whilst adding value to your clients
  • Communicate with clients better
  • Promote your services through the clubs online/interactive tools.
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