Digital Screens Terms & Conditions

1. Cost Free Period
We agree to procure, install and maintain EGT Digital Screen for no cost for a minimum of 5 years from the date of installation. Once the 5 years expires we will replace for a new screen of a similar size and function. This agreement will then restart for a further 5 years. This agreement can be transferred by European Golf Tech Ltd to any other nominated party it so wishes.

2. What the club will receive for No Cost

a. Integrated Android Media Player
b. Built in WiFi and LAN connectivity
c. Compact and lightweight design
d. Robust Steel Enclosure
e. 24/7 Commercial Grade
f. 5 Year Warranty with Lifetime Technical Support

The following are examples of content that can be displayed on the screen; however, the content is at your discretion.
a. Golf lesson availability and tariffs
b. Latest equipment and clothing for sale
c. Supplier Promotions
d. Current Tee Off times
e. Competition leader board
f. Fixture lists
g. Club procedures
h. Club news
i. Notice boards for visiting parties

3. Equipment

Equipment is the European Golf Tech Ltd Product range; all equipment will remain property of European Golf Tech Ltd at all times. Equipment is provided in agreement with an agreed amount of rental (in this case, rental fee is nil).

4. Media

a. The Club acknowledges that all media rights to the “Equipment” provided are in the sole ownership of European Golf Tech Ltd at all times.
b. This service agreement is specific to the venue and is not transferrable or assignable by The Golf Club.
c. For the term of the contract The Golf Club hereby grants to European Golf Tech Ltd a licence to display its relevant content on the Media equipment (the “Equipment”).
d. All content created by European Golf Tech Ltd for broadcast on the System remains the intellectual property of European Golf Tech Ltd unless or until the rights are assigned by European Golf Tech Ltd.
e. The Golf Club shall provide for its own account and bear all expenses related to the provision of an uninterrupted electricity supply for the Equipment (if applicable), and shall ensure that the Equipment will remain switched on and in the location in which it was originally installed during opening hours at the venue with uninterrupted sight to the audience.

5. Your Obligations
a. If for any reason the equipment does not function you will notify European Golf Tech Ltd as soon as possible.
b. You will allow us access to inspect the equipment
c. You will not allow any alterations to be made to the equipment other than by us, or a company representing and approved in writing by us.
d. You will allow us to indicate on the equipment our ownership by whatever means we deem appropriate.
e. Keep the equipment in your sole possession at the location specified on attached page and not sell, assign, mortgage, charge or sub-let without our written authorisation.
f. Return all equipment to us on the expiry of this agreement in full working order and undamaged condition. Taking into account normal wear and tear as may be reasonably expected after 5 years of use.
g. Ensure the kiosk is turned on and visible at all times during opening hours in the set position as agreed. The screen may be moved to a more prominent position for use during society and or corporate days if required.
h. Refill the sanitiser when required.
i. Exclusivity – An exclusive right to provide the Platforms, whereby the Club shall not grant the same rights to any third party for use in any advertising, marketing or promoting products or services that impedes upon the said Platforms.
j. The Club grants and European Golf Tech accepts a worldwide, sub-licensable, non-exclusive, royalty free licence to use the Club Marks:
(a) in perpetuity for the purposes of European Golf Tech or any other party appointed by European Golf Tech for marketing and selling the Package and any other future variations of the Package; and
(b) in perpetuity to promote European Golf Tech’s services in any media whether now known or yet to be invented (including in a computer game, on a website or mobile-device application) including by use on promotional material and merchandising.

6. Termination
a. We have the option to cease the agreement without hindrance from yourselves or a third party if the following occurs:-
b. If you fail to adhere to the above terms.
c. If any creditor presents a bankruptcy petition against you.
d. If you knowingly enter into a liquidation or a composition with creditors.
e. If any claim or distress is levied against assets under your control.
f. If your club wishes to end the agreement once the initial term comes to an end you must allow European Golf Tech access to all of the equipment which has been installed at which point it can be removed.

7. Confidentiality
a. Any terms of agreement must remain confidential between European Golf Tech Ltd and your Golf club.